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Bruce Campbell in Going Back

In 1964 two high school friends, Brice (Bruce Campbell) and Cleveland (Christopher Howe) leave their suburban neighborhood in Michigan to spend the summer in the countryside before going off to college. They are befriended by a lonely farmer, Jack Bodell (Perry Mallette), who offers them a place to stay. As days pass, Cleveland helps Jack around the farm and finds in him the father figure he lacks, while Brice falls in love with a local girl named Cindy. The unforgettable summer ends too soon, but the memories linger. Four years later Brice and Cleveland drive up to Jack's farm and learn that there is no going back.....

In this, his dramatic debut, Bruce Campbell, who is well-known for his horror and comedy roles, shows a depth and sensitivity that compliments his wry wit. Available for the first time on DVD, Going Back should delight Bruce Campbell fans and create new ones.

The Going Back DVD insert contains production stills and notes from writer/director, Ron Teachworth (currently an instructor at the Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center), and the DVD contains a full-length commentary audio track by Bruce Campbell, Ron Teachworth and cinematographer John Prusak (who shot Roger & Me for Michael Moore.)

"Going Back makes a deep and moving impression" -- Peter Ross, The Detroit News

"Going Back boasts some wonderful recreations of time and mood" -- Cal Burnett, The Metro Times

DVD Bonus Features

  • Full Length Commentary Audio Track by Bruce Campbell, director Ron Teachworth and cinematographer John Prusak
  • Production Photo Gallery
  • Interview and "Making of" Featurette with Ron Teachworth
  • Promotional Trailer
  • Animated menus